Alliance of Animal Communicators Caring about Animals (AACCA) is a non-profit group formed under Animal Talk Ltd with the intention of making a positive difference in the lives of animals and advancing animal welfare.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Peak To Fong

Peak To Fong is a yearly fund-raising event, started with the purpose of raising money to sustain HKDR’s  (Hong Kong Dog Rescue) dog rescue and re-homing efforts. Hosted by HKDR, and in partnership with AACCA (Alliance of Animal Communicators Caring about Animals), Peak To Fong was a resounding success yet again.

The day began with a mingling of familiar faces – dogs, and humans alike, catching up on old times and speaking of the day’s events to come. What followed was a leisurely walk from the Peak Galleria down to Lan Kwai Fong, towards a myriad of entertaining activities that awaited everyone.

Over the years, participants of the fund-raising event have grown into a community of ardent dog lovers who not only seek the best for their canine counterparts, but also partake in efforts to rescue and save countless doggy lives that hang on the balance every single day. As such, Peak To Fong also sees rescued dogs being put up for adoption every year during the fundraiser event. As one walks down the hill with the cacophony of doggy calls and human voices, one would realize that these dogs need only human companionship, and that we should treat them as how we’d treat the people around us.

What followed after the fundraising walk down to Lan Kwai Fong was a street party, put together by and sponsored by some of the local business owners and individual sponsors. In addition, a series of exciting competitions were organized for the dogs.

The first competition was to see which dog could withstand the temptation of doggy treats and goodies. This was a test of endurance and discipline, a show of doggy willpower in the face of the awesome beef jerky…or chewy bone. The next competition was a showcase of the bond between Dog and Man. The dog that was able to perform the most tricks/stunts was the winner. And lastly, this was one peculiar day that saw the most doggy tongues wagging than there were doggy tails. Dogs had to lick their owners’ faces for the longest time. In addition to, owners had the option of slapping some good ol’ Kong Stuff N’ Paste on their faces to “up” the “taste factor”. It was truly a fun-filled afternoon for everyone.

And yet, after all that ruckus and cheer, the importance of raising awareness and finding more good homes for needy dogs remained top priority. Participants of the day’s activities were requested to donate $100 per dog. Also, all proceeds of merchandise sales from the various booths went towards the provision of accommodation, food, and veterinary care for the needy dogs. The event raised a good HKD2600, with much appreciation as one could tell from the many wagging tails on site.

All in all, it was a day well spent, well walked, and most certainly well done! A big “Thank You” to everyone who participated, and we hope to see you again next year.