Alliance of Animal Communicators Caring about Animals (AACCA) is a non-profit group formed under Animal Talk Ltd with the intention of making a positive difference in the lives of animals and advancing animal welfare.

AACCA Founder

In June 2008, Rosina had the idea of forming an alliance of animal communicators, to promote animal welfare and end animal abuse. After numerous sessions of brainstorming and research, Alliance of Animal Communicators Caring for Animals (AACCA) was formed by Ms Rosina Maria Arquati in April 2009.

Rosina with Rex, a blood donor dog.

Rosina being interviewed in Singapore for a TV programme, Prime Time Morning, Channel News Asia

Rosina is a natural animal communicator and has made Hong Kong her home for the past 33 years. Together with her husband Dave, they have 5 rescued dogs. From a young age, Rosina has always had an affinity for animals and over the past four decades, has devoted herself to caring for and understanding animals. Traveling extensively around Asia, teaching and sharing her passion, Rosina hopes to create an awareness amongst pet owners, that communication and bonding is important. When pet owners realize the importance of animal communication; they understand and appreciate their pets better, and hopefully in turn, will lessen and end pet abandonment and animal cruelty.

With the loving support of her husband, a veterinarian, together, they have been thoroughly immersed in animal welfare work. Apart from her dogs being permanent residents in their home in Hong Kong, their home has been a transit area for all God's creatures great and small. Wildlife animals under treatment, domestic pets, abandoned and abused animals - she's cared for them all. Rosina is also a Reiki Master and with this skill, she uses it as a complementary therapy, together with veterinarian medication, to treat animals and put them back on the road to recovery.

Loving the work she does!

Rosina loves her work tremendously and uses it as a platform to meet more animal lovers! and pet owners and to educate them about animal bonding and animal cruelty. She meets people from all over the world and all walks of life but she only has one passion, to create an awareness that animals have feelings and emotions just like us. Despite reaching retirement, Rosina is in no way slowing down. On the contrary, she has been passionately teaching and working harder than ever to share her aims and hopes with fellow animal lovers and animal communicators. Most of her days are spent conducting animal communication workshops, reiki classes, private sessions, as well as giving talks around Asia.