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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Singapore's First Canine Blood Donor Database Launch on World Animal Day


30 September 2010


Zeus Communications is pleased to announce, on the occasion of World Animal Day 2010, the launch of Singapore’s first canine blood donor database, maintained by Zeus Communications in collaboration with Mount Pleasant Animal Medical Centre. It is also organizing the first drive for canine blood donation towards this new databank.

Dogs, like humans, may need blood for a wide variety of reasons, whether as a result of traumatic injuries from accidents, bone marrow problems, surgical blood loss or tick fever. While blood transfusions are most commonly used to staunch blood loss, it is also used for the treatment of canine illnesses.

Lynda Goh of Zeus Communications explains that “too often, owners are faced with the situation of not being able to locate a suitable donor candidate when their dog requires a blood transfusion urgently. Currently, appeals for canine blood are circulated by email or posted on social networking platforms, and it may take days to locate a suitable donor.” Volunteers with Zeus Communications believe a database of potential canine blood donors can help to alleviate this problem and enable critically ill dogs to be treated sooner. The blood bank is targeted to be accessible by late next month (October 2010).

Pet owners need not be afraid that donating blood will either weaken their pets or be a painful exercise, Zeus Communications says that canine blood donation is similar to that of humans both in terms of process and preparation. Blood donation is relatively painless, and judging from past experience, most dogs do not mind giving blood at all.

The process is fairly straight forward. It starts with a physical check-up for the dog before any actual collection of blood begins. The potential donor has to satisfy a few conditions, such as:
-           Weighing at least 25 kilograms
-           Be between the ages of 1 year and 7 years old
-           Be up-to-date on vaccinations
-           Be on heart-worm prevention
-           Should not have previously received a blood transfusion or be on long-term

After the donation, the dog donor may wish to take it easy, but many will get on with their normal routine.

Zeus Communications welcomes all dog owners to take part in its canine blood donation drive.  They can register their canine dog donor via an email to, stating their particulars and those of their pet’s.  Alternatively, they can visit Zeus Communications’ blog at

Source: My Paper, 11 October 2010

Source: TODAY, 1 October 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010

Animal Communication Workshops

Rosina travels extensively to conduct Animal Communication workshops, often in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. She enjoys sharing with her students on what animal communication is all about and how anyone, with practice and perseverance, can master this skill.

The art of listening to what you can't hear.

Rosina in class with her students

In Level 2, students learn Automatic Writing
With this newfound skill, it enables you to listen to what you cannot hear, and allows you to nurture a closer and stronger bond with your pets.

Rosina working with rescued animals

Rosina and Max, the man in her life!
Should you wish to organize animal communication workshops in your country, please send us an email and we'll put you in touch with the respective country representative.

More about Animal Communication workshops and its different levels.

Rosina feels very strongly against puppy mills and breeding farms. If you would like to invite her to talk on these topics, or on animal communication, do contact us.