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Monday, October 31, 2011

Peak To Fong 2011 狗狗同樂籌款日2011

Event: Peak To Fong 2011
Host: Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR)
Type: Causes – Fundraiser
Network: Global
Time: 11:00am, 27 Nov 2011
Location: Peak to Lan Kwan Fong

Peak to Fong is an annual event in HKDR fundraising, where people of all ages, whether they are dog owners or not spend a great day together in a sponsored walk with their dogs starting from The Peak and down to LanKwaiFong!  AACCA-HK has been invited to participate in this fund raising event, to offer consultations in animal communication
and 100% donation will be donated HKDR.

Should you wish to have an animal communicator communicate with your pet at this event, all you need to do is bring along a printed photograph of your dogs, cats or other companion animals which you wish to communicate with.

AACCA is generously donating 100% of their consultation fees to HKDR.


活動: 狗狗同樂籌款日2011
主辦單位: 救狗之家(HKDR)
種類: 籌款活動
時間: 20111127, 上午11
地點: 山頂至蘭桂坊

每年一度的狗狗同樂籌款日又到了,此活動適合所有年齡的人,無論是狗主人與否與他們的狗贊助由山頂出發步行至Lan Kwai FongAACCA-HK被邀請參與是次籌款活動,他們會提供動物傳心的咨詢服務 - 閣下只須帶備你寵物(狗、貓或其他動物伙伴)的相片便可。AACCA-HK很慷慨地捐出所有的咨詢費用予救狗之家(HKDR)
We love, so we care.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011



Event: 2011年10月16日透視狗狗身、心、靈
Date: 16 Oct 2011
Host: 屯門愛狗權益協會

AACCA-HK has been invited to participate in the Love My Dog Association Tuen Mun event. Specially, Nikita was invited to give a brief session about Animal communication and Reiki. As usual, AACCA was offering consultations in animal communication with 100% donation to Animal Asia.

Many Thanks to Nikita, Pamela, Quennie and Me (Joyce) in coming this sunny afternoon in Tuen Mun. There are about 40+~ pet lovers plus their four legged friend attended the event.

The day starts off with Nikita's brief talk about Animal communication and Reiki. People were very interested in the topics.

It is surely a busy day for AACCA members. People were queuing up for a session, we were busy none stop; overall, 4 of us did about 7 clients each (plus their four legged friends).

Although we cannot count how much were raised on the day (of course, the box is LOCKED). We guess we did pretty well, about $500+ in 2 hours.

For more information about 屯門愛狗權益協會:

Group Photo with 屯門愛狗權益協會 

Nikita presentation on Animal Communication and Reiki

Our Banners!!

Queenie sweet talking with BiBe

We have our little quiet corner.  People are queuing up!

Woh, our donation were FULL!

Pamela was the first grap by the Pet lover! 
Well Done Pam!

Special Thank You card to Nikita! Well Done Nikita!

Thanks for the Love My Dog Association Tuen Mun for the 'Thank You Card'