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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Peak to Fong 2010

Event English Name: Peak To Fong 2010
Event Chinese Name: 2010狗狗同樂籌款日
Host: Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR)
Type: Causes – Fundraiser
Network: Global
Date: Sunday, 28 Nov, 2010 (20101128 (星期日))
Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm (上午10時至下午4)
Location: Peak to Lan Kwan Fong (山頂至蘭桂坊)
Peak To Fong is a yearly fund-raising event, started with the purpose of raising money to sustain HKDR’s  (Hong Kong Dog Rescue) dog rescue and re-homing efforts. Hosted by HKDR, and in partnership with AACCA (Alliance of Animal Communicators Caring about Animals), Peak To Fong was a resounding success yet again.

The day began with a mingling of familiar faces – dogs, and humans alike, catching up on old times and speaking of the day’s events to come. What followed was a leisurely walk from the Peak Galleria down to Lan Kwai Fong, towards a myriad of entertaining activities that awaited everyone.

Over the years, participants of the fund-raising event have grown into a community of ardent dog lovers who not only seek the best for their canine counterparts, but also partake in efforts to rescue and save countless doggy lives that hang on the balance every single day. As such, Peak To Fong also sees rescued dogs being put up for adoption every year during the fundraiser event. As one walks down the hill with the cacophony of doggy calls and human voices, one would realize that these dogs need only human companionship, and that we should treat them as how we’d treat the people around us.

What followed after the fundraising walk down to Lan Kwai Fong was a street party, put together by and sponsored by some of the local business owners and individual sponsors. In addition, a series of exciting competitions were organized for the dogs.

The first competition was to see which dog could withstand the temptation of doggy treats and goodies. This was a test of endurance and discipline, a show of doggy willpower in the face of the awesome beef jerky…or chewy bone. The next competition was a showcase of the bond between Dog and Man. The dog that was able to perform the most tricks/stunts was the winner. And lastly, this was one peculiar day that saw the most doggy tongues wagging than there were doggy tails. Dogs had to lick their owners’ faces for the longest time. In addition to, owners had the option of slapping some good ol’ Kong Stuff N’ Paste on their faces to “up” the “taste factor”. It was truly a fun-filled afternoon for everyone.

And yet, after all that ruckus and cheer, the importance of raising awareness and finding more good homes for needy dogs remained top priority. Participants of the day’s activities were requested to donate $100 per dog. Also, all proceeds of merchandise sales from the various booths went towards the provision of accommodation, food, and veterinary care for the needy dogs. The event raised a good HKD2600, with much appreciation as one could tell from the many wagging tails on site.


All in all, it was a day well spent, well walked, and most certainly well done! A big “Thank You” to everyone who participated, and we hope to see you again next year.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

World Animal Day, Hong Kong (4 October 2009)


We are pleased to announce our very first event by our group, AACCA. Proceeds from this event will be donated to the following animal charities ; 
1) Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR)
2) Animals Asia
3) Stray Cats Home

We cordially invite all of you and your pet(s) to join us for this yearly event on  “World Animal Day”. On this day, all animal lovers pledge to do their very best for all animals, great and small, and to try to give all animals a better and happier life. 

Bring along your pet(s) with you or a clear picture/photo of your pet(s).

Agenda and Programme for the day:

1) Animal Communication and Healing for Pets (a donation would be much appreciated)
2) Free seminar on “What is Animal Communication?” by Rosina Maria Arquati
3) Free talk on “Rescuing animals, giving them a new life!” by Rosina Maria Arquati
4) And much more! 

All talks will be in both languages, English and Cantonese. We look forward to seeing you and your pet(s) there on 4 Oct 2009, .

** 籌集得到的捐款將全數交給予三個慈善機構。 **

我們很高興地宣布, AACCA,的首次活動,是在「世界動物日」為以下三個動物慈善機構作籌款活動

1) Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR)
2) Animals Asia
3) Stray Cats Home

1) 免費的動物傳意溝通和治療,只需隨心捐款
2) 由香港動物傳意服務及工作坊的先驅Rosina Maria Arquati主講「什麽是動物傳心術?」
3) Rosina Maria Arquati主講「請給牠們一個機會?」
4) 等等

所有活動都是雙語提供英文和廣東話。祈代着在那天 – 2009 10 4 日,下午 3.00 點到下午 7.30 點,看見您和您的寵物啦。

Date: 4th Oct 2009 (Sunday)
Time: 3:00pm – 7:30pm
Venue: PETMAX (一寵百貨)
Address: Rm 19, 4/F., EMax, Kowloon Bay (九龍灣展貿徑一號EMax,四樓十九號鋪)
(See the map attached below  請參考下列地圖指引)
Registration:     No registration need.First come first serve, Free Admission, Gentle Donation (無需預約,入塲費全免,隨心捐助便可)
Enquiry Email:

Achievement on the first AACCA event - "Let's Talk on World Animal Day!"
By Rosina Arquati   October 15 at

Dear All,

I would like to take this chance to once again express our thankfulness and appreciation for your love, care, and support of the animal kingdom. All donations collected has been delivered to the 3 charities, and I would like to share the happiness and achievements with each and everyone of you.

Total amount collected: $7,153.6 + one RMB coin, and the distribution is as following:

HKDR: $3,273.1 + one RMB coin
Animals Asia: $1,610.5
Stray Cats Home: $2,270

In addition, I would like to inform you that our next event is already confirmed and has been posted on our AACCA's Facebook, it is called "Halloween Party at the Peak (萬聖嘩鬼狗狗震@山頂)". Kindly check on the following link and see if you are interested in signing up for it. Seats are limited. AACCA is one of the supporting partners in this event. 

The facebook link is:

Blessings with Love and we look forward to meet you again soon in our upcoming events.

Warmest Regards,
All Team Members of AACCA

Fund Raising Event For Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR) (29 November 2009)

Host: Alliance of Animal Communicators Caring About Animals (AACCA)
Type: Causes – Fundraiser
Network: Global
Price: $150 per 1 person and dogs get in free ($150 收費包括1人,狗兒免費入塲)
Date: Sunday, November 29, 2009 (20091129 (星期日))
Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm (上午10時至下午4)
Location: Peak Galleria to Lan Kwai Fong (山頂廣場至蘭桂坊)
City/Town: Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Hosted by Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR) with AACCA as a supporting partner

On 29 November 2009, AACCA was invited to participate in a HKDR fund raising event called “Peak to Fong 2009”. This event was filled with fun and excitement for us, as well as HKDR.

Agenda for the event:
à Peak to Fong participants gather at the Peak Galleria
à Fundraising walk from the Peak to Lan Kwai Fong
à Street Party at Lan Kwai Fong

In this activity, AACCA participated as a non-profit group, with our volunteers offering animal communication and reiki for animals to fund raise at the Street Party at Lan Kwai Fong together with all other groups that HKDR had arranged.

Ticket Price: $150 (includes 1 person and dog) ($150 收費包括1人,狗兒免費入塲)

For further details on how to join the event, and activities in the Street Party etc., please refers to HKDR webstie:

It was also a lovely social event for the pets and their owners

For a donation, you and your pet can enjoy the following activities offered by AACCA:
- Animal Communication
- Reiki for Animals
- Learn more on how to better communicate and have a better relationship with your dog(s)

We look forward to seeing you and your pet(s) at Lan Kwai Fong on 29 Nov 2009.

The event had a carnival atmosphere that brought a smile to everyone's faces

20091129日,AACCA HKDR邀請參與他們一年一度很有趣味性的項目,名為「Peak to Fong 2009」。這是HKDR其中一項大型的籌款活動。節目內容十分豐富,包羅萬有。

10:00 – 10:30 à “Peak to Fong” 參加者在山頂廣塲 (the Peak Galleria) 集合
10:30 – 12:00 à 步行籌款,由山頂步行至蘭桂坊
11:00 – 16:00 à 蘭桂坊街頭派對

此次籌款活動,AACCA 將以非牟利團隊參加,並只是於「蘭桂坊街頭派對」提供義工服務。在這派對,HKDR還安排了很多其他團隊參加,是很有趣的活動。

入場券費用: $150包括1人,狗兒們免費入塲

更多詳情和參加辦法,請參考由主辦機構 Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR) 提供的項目網頁:

只需隨心捐助,便可享受AACCA 提供的義工服務為:
- 動物傳心術
- 動物靈氣
- 資訊分享,如何更有效地與您的寵物良朋溝通、相處和建立更和諧友好的關係


Sunday, November 7, 2010


Event English Name: WOOFSTOCK 2010
Host: STOP
Type: Causes – Fundraiser
Network: Global
Date: Sunday, 7 Nov, 2010 (2010年11月7日 (星期日))
Time: 12:00pm - 4:00pm (下午12時至下午4時)
Location: Lung Fu Shan Country Park (龍虎山郊野公園)

AACCA was invited to participate in a fund-rasing event organized by HK STOP. WOOFSTOCK 2010 was initially planned to be held on 24 October 2010, but due to the typhoon, it was rescheduled to 7 November 2010. 

This event was held at Lung Fu Shan Country Park amidst the beautiful scenery of flora and fauna. That afternoon, both humans and dogs were given the opportunity to take part in games and activities which they enjoyed tremendously. Dogs played freely with other dogs and humans were seen bonding with each other, exchanging doggy tales, sharing their dog experiences and the joys of owning a pet.

Through this event, a total sum of HK$1910 was raised! The funds collected goes directly to STOP and is distributed to various animal charities in Hong Kong. We believe all who attended this event truly enjoyed themselves! 

AACCA Hong Kong (31 October 2009)

Fund Raising for Lamma Animal Welfare Centre (in the Peak) ~ Hosted by Lamma Animal

It was Halloween in Hong Kong with the dogs! Were you there?

Rosina and her students doing what they can for the animals

Rosina speaking to pet owners
Pumpkin, anyone?

Don't the look gorgeous - with or without horns!

Rosina, her animal communication students and everyone that was there had a HOWLING great time!!

Host: Alliance of Animal Communicators Caring About Animals (AACCA)
Type: Causes – Fundraiser
Network: Global
Price: $220 (Dinner included)(per 1 person with 1 dog)
(Remarks: Admission Fee is per 1 person with 1 dog, $30 more per extra dog)
$220  (注意:收費包括11狗及晚餐。每多一狗 + $30)
- 到會自助晚餐:由山頂廣場2 Spaghetti 360 餐廳提供

Date: Saturday, October 31, 2009 (20091031 (星期六))
Time: 4:00pm - 9:00pm (下午4時至晚上9)
Location: 3/F., The Peak Tower, Green Terrace (山頂廣場三樓 Green Terrace)
City/Town: Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Halloween Party at the Peak (萬聖嘩鬼狗狗震@山頂)
Host by "Pet Ho D" and AACCA is one of the participant.

In the day of up coming Halloween, AACCA is being invited to participate a fund raising event host by "Pet Ho D" at The Peak Tower. This fund raising event is particularly for "Lamma Animal Welfare Center"

In this activity, AACCA participate as a non-profit group that provide volunteer services only.

By your generous donation donation, can enjoy the following activities by AACCA:
- Animal Communication
- Reiki for Animals

Details of the event as following:
- Oct 2009 (Sat)
- Venue: 3/F., The Peak Tower, Green Terrace
- Time: 4pm to 9pm
- Capacity: 100-120 people
- Admission Fee: $220 (Dinner included)(per 1 person with 1 dog)
(Remarks: Admission Fee is per 1 person with 1 dog, $30 more per extra dog)
-          Buffet Dinner provided by: Spaghetti 360 Restaurant, 2/F., The Peak Tower

Enquiry/ Registration with "Pet Ho D":
-          E-mail to:
-          Phone: 3583 5707

Dinner Selection:(1) Snack:
- Shiitake Mushroom & Spicy Cod Roe
- Croquette Potato with Corn
- Egg-plant Au Gratin
- Egg-plant Tempura
- Chicken Nugget
- Chicken Wings in Honey Sauce
- Grilled Chicken Wing Skewer
- Saute Wild Mushroom with Pesto Sauce
- Bite-size Steak
- Spicy Chicken Wings in Halves
- Baked Escargots with Herbs, Bacon & Mashed Potato
- Assorted Vegetables in Hot Pot

(2) Spaghetti:
- Spaghetti Bolognaise (Beef)
- Spaghetti with Bacon & Asparagus
- Spaghetti with Beef Brisket in Japanese Tomato Curry
- Spaghetti Carbonara
- Spaghetti with Seafood
- Spaghetti with Stewed Red Wine Chicken

(3) Thin Crispy Base/ Crunchy Crust:
- Garlic Pizza with Herb Chicken Salad
- Hawaiian (Ham & Pineapple)
- Milan Special (Ham, Pineapple, Mushroom & Chicken)
- 360o Pizza (Bacon, Ham, Egg & Crab Roe)
- Teriyaki Chicken & Spring Onion
- Smoked Salmon, Egg & Crab Roe

(4) Stone Pot Rice:
- Rice with wild Mushroom & Vegetables in Stone Pot (Tomato Puree)
- Squid Ink Rice with Herb Chicken in Stone Pot (Mushroom Sauce)
- Rice with Eel & Chicken Gristle in Stone Pot
- Squid Ink Rick with Crayfish in Stone Pot (Lobster Sauce)

Doggie Food is Sponsored by "Royal Fido" (Website:

The Peak Tower Parking Arrangement: Originally $30/hour, Special Price for Activity Participant $20/hour.

在本月底的萬聖節,AACCA 被邀請參與由 "Pet D " 在山頂舉辦的籌款活動 - 「萬聖嘩鬼狗狗震@山頂」。是次籌款活動是特意為「南丫島動物保護組織」舉辦 (參考網站:

此次籌款活動,AACCA 將以非牟利團隊參加,並只是提供免費義工服務。

只需隨心捐助,便可享受AACCA 提供的義工服務為:
- 動物傳心術
- 動物靈氣

- 日期:20091031 (星期六)
- 地點:山頂廣場三樓Green Terrace
- 時間:下午4時至晚上9
- 參予人數 : 100-120
- 入場費 : $220
(注意:收費包括11狗及晚餐。每多一狗 + $30)
-          到會自助晚餐:由山頂廣場2 Spaghetti 360 餐廳提供

參加辦法,直接與 "Pet D " 查詢/報名:
- 電郵
- 電話:3583 5707

(1) 滋味小食:
- 鐵板鮮冬菇明太子燒
- 炸粟米薯餅
- 芝士焗茄子
- 和風風味茄子
- 一口雞
- 蜜汁雞翼
- 鹽燒雞翼串燒
- 松子仁醬炒鮮野菌
- 鐵板香蒜薄牛柳片
- 鐵板香辣棒棒雞翼
- 香蒜田螺煙肉焗薯茸
- 鮮百合炒鮮五蔬

(2) 意粉:
- 肉醬意大利粉(牛肉)
- 青露筍煙肉意大利粉
- 和風蕃茄咖哩牛腩意大利粉
- 芝士焗卡邦拿意大利粉
- 海鮮意大利粉
- 紅酒野菌燴雞意大利粉

(3) 薄餅:
- 香草雞肉沙律蒜香批
- 夏威夷(火腿及菠蘿)
- 米蘭魅力(火腿、菠蘿、蘑菇及雞肉)
- 360o薄餅(煙肉、火腿、蛋及蟹子)
- 和風香蔥照燒雞
- 煙三文魚、蛋、蟹子

(4) 熱石鍋飯:
- 鮮茄茸野菌素菜熱石鍋飯
- 香草雞肉熱石鍋墨魚汁飯(蘑菇汁)
- 蒲燒鰻魚雞軟骨熱石鍋飯
- 小龍蝦熱石鍋墨魚汁飯(龍蝦汁)

犬兒食物: royal fido 贊助

山頂廣場停車場優惠: 每小時$30, 現在每小時$20

Reference Link Posted by "Pet Ho D" for more details of the event:
更多詳情,請參考由主辦機構 "Pet D " 提供的項目網頁:

Result: HKD$2,893.00